Point of Agreement

This is for your kind attention. The following terms and conditions are drafted in accordance with the contract signed, unless the contract specifically states otherwise.


  • Any event that includes the bride is counted as a bridal event. Be it engagement party, pre wedding function, mehendi, post wedding party etc.
  • Bookings for bridal makeup has to be done well in advance; preferably as soon as the wedding dates are finalised to avoid last minute hassles and disappointments.
  • As artists are under high demand, we tend to get booked a year in advance at times. Hence, the sooner the booking is made the better.
  • It is integral for the makeup artist to see the wedding attire in advance to plan makeup techniques accordingly. The results are better when attention to detail is given.
  • Bridal services cannot be performed for family or friends, or on the bride herself, at a later time. The service will be provided only for the bride and is valid only on the selected date(s) during the agreed time slot.

Non - Bridal

  • We cover other occasions like housewarming parties, naming ceremonies, baby showers, party makeup other events and functions.
  • We cater to large groups of guests (upto 30 to 40 at a time) as we have a large team. Family events are one of our multiple fortes. Choose the package that fits you best and be rest assured that your entire family's makeup needs will be taken care of by our expert artists.


  • We advise that the bookings be made well in advance to keep the process smooth and convenient. An advance amount will be required to fix the chosen dates.
  • The advance amount will vary depending on the artist chosen. The advance for junior artists and senior artists differ.
  • Once the booking is made, the dates cannot be changed. A note of acknowledgement is essential to seal the deal. It can be via email/WhatsApp or through any convenient medium.

Mode of Payment

  • Once the advance amount has been settled, the balance has to be paid on the day of the event in CASH, through bank transaction (IMPS transfer can also be opted), which would attract 18% GST, or mobile payments through any BHIM application.

Arrangement for the team

  • We take our work very seriously. One of the most important steps is to set up in a clean and pleasant enviroment that allows us to work undeterred. So it is mandatory for you to provide a clean, well-lit, ventilated room with tables and chair with optimum space for the team to set up.
  • We recruit highly trustworthy, talented artsits. At the same time, please note that you are responsible for your own valuables.
  • It is also important for the artist to be able to access the room throughout the agreed time limit..
  • If the artists are booked for services that take up more than 4 hours, arranging for some refreshments and light snacks would be highly appreciated.


  • We use sanitised brushes and makeup tools after every application and give high priority to cleanliness and hygiene. In case of any skin condition, you are required to inform the makeup artist well in advance so that the artist can be prepared.
  • If the client urges for service despite the artist's advise against the makeup technique owing to said skin condition, the artist cannot be held responsible for the possible repercussions.
  • Client(s) agree(s) to release the makeup artist, Kulsum Parvez, from any liability caused due to skin complications or allergic reactions.
  • Please make sure there isn't any kind of delay that might cause inconvenience to the artist's future appointments.
  • While preparing for any event, you will be required to arrange for all the neccessary accessories. In case there is a shortage, with a week's notice from your end, we can assist you with leads to our trustworthy vendors or arrange for rentals. However, we would not be able to assist you on last minute notice.

Conveyance and Other Extra Charges

  • No conveyance fee will be charged if the venue is within 10 KMs from the Kulsum Parvez Makeup Studio. Beyond the said radius you will be charged INR 2,000 additionally.
  • We charge INR 800 per hour, in case of any unforeseen delay, once the team has reported to your preferred venue.

Makeup in Real-time

  • Every makeup technique requires a unique timeline. The artist reserves the right to complete each technique with the required amount of time.
  • The client(s) will be informed of the time needed in advance and no interference or delay during the makeup session will be entertained.


We provide makeup trial and hair style consultation. However, these trials are not mandatory, just an option that is, in most cases, found essential

Charges as per the chosen artist:

Kulsum Parvez - INR 3,500
Senior MUA - INR 2,000
Junior MUA - INR 2,000


Cancellation will not be en entertained once the booking has been made, as we will not be able to extend our services to any other client during that time period. Cancellation from your end will mean loss on our end. Hence once the time slot has been confirmed, the amount becomes non-refundable.